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MEMORIES OF ETHIOPIA Testimonials archive


Short fiction film

MEMORIES OF ETHIOPIA Testimonials archive

Mimi reconstructs her immigration story. Her memories from the past mix with the present and future through a stream of consciousness. Her identity dissolves and is lost between Ethiopia and Israel.

15Min, 2016, The Rabinovich Foundation - Israel Cinema Project, Israel.

Testimonial archive of the life of Beta Israel in Ethiopia. The 100 testaments reveal the personal stories, ways of life and traditions that for more than 2000 years formed the essence of the Jewish community in Ethiopia.



E.V. Fund

Israel National Archive

Transitions, short ficton film
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Full length documentary

Operation Salomon in 1991 that led to the immigration of 15,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel is one of the most famous operations in Israel. For the first time a light is shed on the work of the Ethiopian Jews themselves in Ethiopia, Israel and North America that enabled the operation to come through.

81min, 2021. Kan11 Television channel & Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Israel

HONEY TRAP Full length documentary


Full length documentary

One of the largest Ethiopian Jewish communities in Israel is going to crumble under the bulldozers of gentrification. Hana Tamanu, of the Homeowners’ Association, battles with immigration, tradition and identity life changing dilemmas in a huge clearance and improvement real estate project.

In production, Channel 8 & Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, Israel


About us

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Black and White Films, was founded by Kobi and Aalam-Warqe Davidian in 2012. The production house has created:

short fiction films, full length documentaries, testimonial archives and has developed documentary and fiction TV series.

Black and White Films, works with the leading film funds and TV channels in Israel. Additionally Black and White Films offers production and director services and collaborates with other film projects and companies.   


Aalam-Warqe Davidian, multi award winning script writer and director, was born in 1979 in Awash, Ethiopia, moved to Israel in 1991. Aalam-Warqe graduated in 2012 from the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School. Her fiction films won prizes in film labs and festivals and are screened in cinemas around the world.  

External works include:

Fig Tree, feature film, 94min, 2018, Black Sheep Film Productions Ltd, Medien Penrose, En Compagnie Des Lamas. Israel-Germany-France-Ethiopia. Among it’s awards are: Eurimages Audentia Award for Best Female Director at 2018 TIFF, best cinematography in the Israeli Ophir Awards 2018 and best script in The Sam Spiegel International Film Lab in 2015.

Facing the Wall, short fiction, 26min, 2016, Black Sheep Film Productions Ltd. Winner of Best Short Film in the Jerusalem International film festival, 2016. Best Short Film winner in the Independent Short-film Competition, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, 2016.


Kobi Davidian, director and producer, was born in 1980 in Jerusalem, Israel. He graduated from  the Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts at Tel Aviv University in 2006. Kobi has worked as a researcher and a producer for different TV shows and documentary films before starting his career as an independent filmmaker. His documentary and short fiction films won prizes in festivals around the world.

External works include:

Turbulence, documentary, 85min, 2011, Yes-Docu Israel, co-director & co-producer with Roni Livneh.

An investigative journey into the past to reopen a murder case and try to free 4 innocent people after 27 years in jail.

Shown in film festivals around the world and is studied in law faculties at Harvard, Duke and Tel Aviv Universities.


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